Do You Yet Confused With Sewing Jargon? Here's Some Of The Basics Explained.

Were you stumbled when you first heard of the term fat quarters?!?

Often we are asked to explain some of the terms that we use.

So to help you with some of the jargon that you may see, we have made a small glossary!

Raw Edge - This is the end of a fabric piece that has been cut before hemming, this may fray.

Fat Quarter - A quarter of a metre measuring approximatly 18"x 22".

These are ideal for any type of crafter who requires a small amount of fabric. Perfect for bow makers, and applique, mainly sought after by quilters.

Right side / Wrong side - You may hear the term 'on the right side' or 'on the wrong side' when

following a pattern. The right side refers to the fabric which you want to display. The wrong side is the back of the piece of fabric you are using, as shown in the photos.

Binding - Binding is a thin, long length of fabric that is sewn around the raw edge. Bias binding is used to complete the edge of garments, quilts, handbags and other handmade items.

Fusible- A piece of material which has an adhesive side that will bind to another piece of material once heat has been added.

Pre shrink - To wash fabric before using.

Rotary Cutter - This is used as an alternative to scissors. As shown in the photo the rotary cutter has a circular blade which makes cutting through several layers of fabric easy and accurate when used with a ruler or when tracing around a pattern.

Seam- Where thread has been used to bind two pieces of fabric together

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