According To This Month's Sales Your Top 5 Trending Fabrics This Month Are....

5th Place

The fifth most popular fabric this month goes to the John Louden Pink Glitter Cotton.

100% cotton with glitter that does not shed! Sparkly and no mess!

What isn't there to love?


4th Place

John Louden Korean 100% Craft Cotton.

With so many beautiful tones this can be complimented by a number of our other fabrics, such as the mint solid, rose linen and even the pink glitter above!

3rd Place

Rose and Hubble Pink Traditional Floral

100% Cotton Poplin.

Lots of lovely Autumnal tones can be found in this print, the purple version sold out within seconds of arriving. Keep an eye out for that reappearing in the future.

2nd Place

Rose and Hubble Silver Floral Breeze

Available in Navy too, these fabrics are hard to resist.

We are loving seeing what you are making. Be sure to tag us in your post so we can give you a share!

1st Place

The most popular fabric this month goes to another John Louden Glitter Cotton!

We think these will be a big hit over the party dress and Christmas season!


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