Have you ever wondered what the coloured dots on the fabric selvedge are?

The definition of Selvedge (or Selvage in US English) in the dictionary is "an edge produced on woven fabric during manufacture that prevents it from unravelling".

There is a lot of information to be found on the selvedge of your fabric.

Our favourite bits of information on the selvedge are the dots of colour. Did you know those little coloured dots are all of the shades which would co-ordinate perfectly with your choice of fabric. This is so helpful for matching fabrics together at the beginning of a new project.

In this picture, we have picked out the yellow shade (no. 7) on the Liberty fabric to match with the solid yellow from our range and you can see they match together perfectly and the yellow in the Liberty fabric really pops out.

Now you know what the coloured dots are for, you can start playing with your fabrics to match co-ordinating colours ready for your next project!

Other information to be found on the fabric selvedge may include:

1.The Name and Designer of the fabric e.g. this pink jersey is 'Little Hearts designed by Poppy'.

2. Where the fabric is manufactured, in this case Europe, along with recommended washing instructions.

3. Any relevant testing certificates obtained.

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