How To Applique

If you're looking to learn a new exciting technique then you must try Applique!

Here's a simple step by step of how to cut, bond and sew your layers of fabric and threads together to create a piece of art!

This week I had a little helper of my 10 year old daugther Freya too :)

What you will need -



*Scissors for paper

*Scissors for Fabric

*Embroidery hoop

*Paper Backed Fusible web

*Selection of Fabrics



*Selection of Embroidery Threads

Step 1

Decide on an image of what you would like to use for your masterpiece. You could either free hand draw your own image, or print off a ready made image from the internet.

Freya decided to create a bird scene and myself a caravan.

Step 2

Trace the image on to some paper backed fusible web.

Place the fusible web faced down so you can draw on the paper side,

Trace all the images of the bird separately and roughly cut around each image.

Step 3

Iron each part of your image on to the wrong side* of the fabric of choice. Then carefully cut around each image.

Freya has chosen to make her birds body in pink, wings green, beak yellow and feet violet.

(*Wrong side, The side of your fabric that you do not want to see once your piece is finished. )

Step 4

Choose your back ground.

You may choose to have a solid back ground or a layered one as Freya has done.

To layer the background we placed some fusible web onto the back of the fabric that is to be layered on the top. In Freya's case the white fabric.

We then ironed it onto the blue background to secure it tightly.

Next, iron on your design piece by piece, peeling the paper off the back of each piece of fabric leaving the sticky side down. Freya positioned her fabrics with the bottom layers going on first.

Step 5

Freya then inserted her design into a hoop so she could hand embroider a design on to it.

Here your imagination is your limit, it doesn't have to be done in a day, week or month. Take your time and add to it when you have some more inspiration.

Finally decide what you would like to do with your completed deign. Freya would like to use hers to make into a cushion, I'm going to leave my caravan in the hoop to hang in our shop :)

Happy sewing everyone.

Dont forget to tag us in your makes we would love to see what you make!

Love Suzanne & Gemma xx

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