How to choose fabrics for your next project!

So you've decided on your next sewing project, maybe a new bag or quilt, but you haven't decided which fabrics to use. Or you have one fabric you love but need to select other fabrics to go with it?

Choosing fabrics and matching different fabrics together is always our favourite part of starting a new project.

First of all, when you have chosen your favourite fabric, that one fabric you just can't resist, it's usually a good idea to look at the coloured dots on the selvedge to give you an idea of colours to co-ordinate with it.

See an example of that in our previous blog here.

The next general rule of thumb we live by is something we were told when we first started sewing.

Select one large floral design, one small floral design, one geometric design such as a stripe, star or spot and one solid colour. If they all co-ordinate in colour you're onto a winner.

This is also the rule we work by when we put fabric bundles together for our shop.

Here are some examples where we have put together a large floral, small floral, stripe or spot and a solid.

If you have any other good tips for choosing fabric for a project, we'd love to hear them. Good luck!

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