Make Your Hobby Into A Business - Part 2

On the second Monday of each month, this blog will be full of tips to help build your hobby into a successful business.

Tip Number 2 - Know Your Customers!

Who are they?

What do they do?

What do they like?

Where do they hang out?

This exercise could really be your key to success.

It will enable you to communicate effectively and build realtionships/friendships with those who purchase from you. It will also stop you from chasing the wrong crowd.

For example - You make hair accessories for children.

Who are your customers?

Parents, Grandparents

What do they do?

Attend nursery, preschool, school events, use social media

What do they like?

New trends, making their children look cute, taking pictures of their children

Where do they hang out?

Social Media, Instagram, Facebook, Local events / School fairs

Using the information above you can then begin to plan how you are going to market your products to them.

By simply knowing who your customers are and where they 'hang out' will help you make a presence, build friendships which all eventually lead to sales.

It will also help you when choosing what stock you hold or what purchases you make... why buy Snickers when your customers like Maltesers?!

About us

When we started out at Sew Fabrics we're not ashamed to admit, that we were targeting the completely wrong market. Having attended a local quilting class we thought that what we stocked would appeal to online quilters... we were wrong. After a month or two we looked back at our customer and realised that we were very much appealing to the children's dressmaking market. Don't be afraid to switch course and start again... Be Resilient!


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