Make Your Hobby Into A Business - Part 3 The Christmas Edition.

On the second Monday of each month, this blog will be full of tips to help build your hobby into a successful business.

Tip Number 3 - Believe!

As the Festive Season creeps up on us pretty quickly, we thought we would write a short blog on believing in yourself and your small business.

We spend so much time encouraging our little ones to believe in themselves, to achieve the very best they can. So why are we so doubtful of ourselves? Imagine how successful we could be if we just believed?

Worrying about not being able to achieve our dream is one thing we're pretty much sure we all do. But a lack of belief in yourself will limit you, no matter how great the ideas you have or opportunities are that you are presented to.

At Sew Fabrics we still have plenty of believing to do, no-one is perfect.

When starting a small business all sorts of doubts will run through your mind -

What if I fail?

What will people think?

What if I run out of money?

What if it all goes wrong?

What if I make myself look silly?

However, what if it all goes right?

Tips to help you believe

Networking with others in a small businesses will help give you the confidence that you can follow your dream.

Register with HMRC, they can put you in touch with your local authority who give free business support. (Personally, this has been invaluable to us)

Use the support of friends and family to help spread the word of your new venture.

Use social media, but if you feel bogged down, it's ok to take a break. When you come back you will be stronger!

And finally, another one of our mottos -

Work hard in silence and let your success be the noise.


Suzanne & Gemma



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