Make Your Hobby Into A Business - Part 4

On the second Monday of each month, this blog will be full of tips to help build your hobby into a successful business.

Tip 4 - Sell Yourself

So you have a plan and you've researched your customer base, you have something wonderful that those customers want to buy, whether a product or it's time to sell yourself!

There are a number of ways to advertise your business and you should decide on your goals to choose the best option for you. Here are some low cost ideas to get you started:

Social Media - There are a number of social media outlets including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to name a few. Research where your customer base are likely to hang out and make your presence known. This is great if your business is able to reach further afield, such as selling online.

Local Magazines and Newspapers - If you run your business from home or in the local area, find out which free magazines are distributed to every household in your area. This way, you have a chance of everyone in your area seeing what you do.

Word of mouth - This is usually the best form of advertising and costs nothing! If you make something or provide a service for a friend or someone you know, they are likely to tell others about you. Your family and friends are probably your best supporters and before you know it, your product or service could be in high demand without spending a penny on advertising. We have wonderful friends and family supporting us and sending customers our way so we can honestly say this works!

If you believe in yourself and use that confidence to share your hobby with others, you could be running a small business before you know it. Go on, get yourself out there!

Good Luck 🍀

Love Suzanne & Gemma



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