Make Your Hobby Into A Business - Part 5

On the second Monday of each month, this blog will be full of tips to help build your hobby into a successful business.

This week we are talking photo's. This has been one of our biggest struggles to get right personally!

It's really important to have good quality, clear photos to sell your business or product. When we started our business, we tried everything to achieve the perfect photo and we are not experts in this field in the slightest.

We put our fabrics into a white box, used different cameras, we took photos outside in the garden on a sunny day.. and a shady day, we even stood on our kitchen table to get the right angle and the right lighting to really advertise our fabrics looking their best. It's really hard to get right and if you can get yourself on a photography course, it will definitely help.

Now we use our phones to get the right picture, sometimes we have to use the editing tools to slightly adjust the colours or brightness to achieve the closest match to the fabrics as possible however every screen portrays a photo differently depending on your settings so we just make sure it's as close as possible and put a small disclaimer at the bottom of our product descriptions. Luckily we have had very little negative feedback regarding our photos.

Apart from getting the lighting and colours right, you also want the photo you're sharing to sell your hobby. It's a good idea to think about the background of your photo, you could have a plain colour background, we usually keep the background neutral, or you could stage a few items related to what you are trying to sell. For example if you make knitted blankets, you could fold it up next to a cup of tea and a good book, think about setting the scene and drawing in your customers. This is likely to attract the most likes and followers on social media if your photos are attractive and pleasing to the eye.

It will probably take a little time to practise getting just the right photo style for you but it will be worth it. Just be sure to sell yourself, you deserve it!

Love Suzanne and Gemma


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