Make Your Hobby Into A Business - Part 6

If you have been following our mini series to turn your hobby into a small business, you will now be ready for the next step.. to brand your business.

You want everyone to see your social media posts, your shop pages online, receive your packages and visit your premises and know that it belongs to you. This might mean using certain words, colours or pictures that are instantly recognisable as your business.

We have chosen pink and grey as our business colours. We have used these colours in our logo, shop signs, business cards, letter heads and packaging. We also use our logo in every product photo we publish so that customers will automatically know the fabric is from Sew Fabrics.

Have a think about what represents your business.

Do you use certain colours in your work?

Could you introduce these colours in other areas of your business?

Do you use certain words in your business?

Or could you introduce words that mean something to your business?

Are there pictures that represent what you do that you could use in your logo?

Branding is really important!

You are putting your heart and soul into your small business,

you want to be recognised and remembered.

Love Suzanne & Gemma



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