Make Your Hobby Into A Business Part 7

The second Monday of each month this blog will be full of tips to help build your hobby into a successful business.

Be Flexible!

If something isn't working or doesn't feel right, there is no shame in changing your course.

We have made an enormous amount of U turns during our journey at Sew Fabrics and I am sure we will continue to do so.

Lots of situations will arise to make you reconsider your business journey, and there is no shame in admitting that somethings simply just do not work.

If you do not attempt them in the first place, then you will never know whether they would have been successful or not.

Being adaptable will make you successful.

During the difficult times at the moment we have seen so many local businesses adapt in the way they operate.

Our next door neighbour in the Ibstock Business Centre is now offering music lessons via internet video calls.

A local Florist has changed into a green grocers to help deliver food packages to the vulnerable in their village.

For us, we have temporaliy moved back into Gemma's dining room to keep a closer eye on our inventory and to enable us to keep safe and offer a better service.

We have also donated fabrics to our local sewing friends for them to create wash bags and masks for key workers.

Being adaptable will enable you to discover what works and what doesn't. Being able to concentrate on what works will be the spark to your success.

Keep searching for that spark!


Suzanne & Gemma



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