Newark Autumn Quilt Festival - Our First Exhibition

This weekend saw us exhibiting for the first time at The Autumn Quilt Festival at Newark Showground. It was a new experience for us and we certainly learnt a thing or two.

We will be doing a blog soon about the hints and tips we picked up along the way from the other friendly, more experienced stallholders which will make our next show a little bit easier, but we were really happy with how it went for our first time and we received some lovely feedback.

Our favourite thing about the weekend was meeting so many lovely people who shared the same passion as us for fabric. It seems nobody 'needs' fabric and nobody actually wants to cut into their beautiful fabric 😂 but we all just carry on adding to our stash.

We heard so many stories about people's projects, what they have in mind and who they're creating for. Many people told us when and how they started sewing, who they share their passion with - friends, daughters and granddaughters. It has really been a very heart-warming weekend.

Of course, the weekend was really about the very beautiful quilts on display too, some with a great story behind them, some for fun. Some of the quilts are touring with the show so if you can get to another Grosvenor show, please do go along and view them.

Here are just a few of our favourites.

Thank you so much to all of you who came to say hello to us. It has been a very pleasurable weekend and we really hope to exhibit at another show somewhere else in the country. Please let us know if there is a show near you :)


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