The Build Of Sew Fabrics Den

Fabric Den

This weekend we began the build of our Fabric Den after working from the dining area of Gemma's house since August 2017.

Having seen some of your creative spaces we are full of ideas and a little excited!

We will be blogging the build for you to join in with the journey.

This is our before photo, an unused area of Gemma's garden.

Week One

This weekend saw the arrival of a digger and the removal of a huge amount of top soil.

After lots of hard work the footings and drainage have been dug out.

Living next to an allotment means this soil is beautiful. Gemma's mum even popped over to fill up her garden plant pots!

The next step is to flatten the soil on the lawn ready to re-seed and to source some concrete!

Have any interior tips? Let us know!

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