Time to reflect.. and a fresh start for the New Year

As 2019 draws to a close this week and we look forward to 2020, we have taken the time to look back on what a busy and amazing year we have had and look ahead at what exciting things we would like to achieve in the next year.

At the beginning of this year, we were still an online shop selling a beautiful range of fabrics from Gemma's dining room. Since then we have grabbed at every opportunity that was thrown our way, some things worked out, some not so much but it is important to say we tried whatever came our way. You can only regret what you don't do, right?

This Summer we made 2 huge decisions within weeks of each other.

The first decision was to exhibit our own stall at Newark Quilt Show Exhibition in September. We loaded everything we had into the van and spent a weekend meeting lots of you lovely crafters face to face. We found it so rewarding to talk to so many different people, we heard a lot of background stories, where your love of sewing started and so many different projects being worked on.

Within a couple of weeks of signing up for the exhibition, a shop became available in our local village and as we were outgrowing the dining room, we decided to take the leap and go for it. Our Summer holiday was a blur of moving into the shop, preparing for the exhibition and buying stock to fill both, but hard work pays off and we are now settled into our shop and loving every minute.

So what next for Sew Fabrics?

We have a number of ideas up our sleeves for 2020. Our main focus is to continue to grow our shop to stock all the fabrics you love and more. We have recently introduced a new haberdashery and crafting range to our shop, including threads, elastics and crochet and knitting supplies. We also hope to expand this range even more this year, catering for all your needs.

We are looking into workshops, which we are hoping to commence as soon as possible. This will hopefully cover a range of workshops including beginners e.g. using a sewing machine, specific craft projects such as making a rag wreath and Morsbags.

Morsbags are a charity focused on helping the environment by using recycled textiles to create shopping bags to replace plastic bags and we have registered as a pod as we'd like to get involved. Find out more here.

Also, new for this year, we would like to encourage more people to make more time for themselves by promoting time spent on your hobby or craft. We will be introducing #weekendstitchalong on Instagram where we will invite you to share your makes and creations with us each weekend by using this hashtag and tagging Sew Fabrics in your photos. We will then share your creations each weekend and hope to inspire more people to get their craft on. It's also very good for mental health, you know 😉

If you would like more information about anything you've read here, please let us know by commenting below or sending us a message. We always love to hear from you!

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