Top 5 things to do at Christmas

Christmas is such a busy time of year with lots of festivities going on and jobs to be done but we like to remind ourselves to take some time out to enjoy the things we love with the people we love.

1. Mince Pies

Christmas season has not begun until mince pies are in the house! The trick is not eating a whole box of 6 in one go but who can resist getting cosy in the evening with a hot chocolate or nice cup of tea and a mince pie. ☕

2. Santa's Grotto

If you have little ones in the family, Christmas is not complete without a visit to see Father Christmas. In the run up to Christmas, children are excited about Santa coming to leave them Christmas gifts so what a perfect opportunity for them to meet the man himself.

This could also be an ideal time for Santa to remind your children about being good and we could all do with that help. 😉

3. Christmas Crafts

This is our favourite thing to do at Christmas.

Making time for Christmas crafting either when we have some time alone or with others, including our own children, there is nothing more relaxing and Christmassy than working on some festive projects that can then be used to decorate your space.

We have been making festive hoops this year, this image is one we have started embroidering red berries onto Holly fabric. There are so many crafts for everyone to enjoy, the problem is finding enough time to do it all. 🧵

4. Make your own wreath

We made our own wreath for the first time year.

There are plenty of wreath making workshops available locally however, they sell out quickly so you need to book in plenty of time.. or find a friend to help you make your own like we did.

This year we made our own in our shop with a group of friends. So many people told us they'd love to make their own wreaths so maybe we will host our own workshops next year! 🤔


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