What is FPP?

FPP - Foundation Paper Piecing

Foundation paper piecing is the process of sewing onto lightweight paper whilst following a set of instructions to create a quilters block.

Once sewn, the paper is torn away allowing the piece to be manipulated into anything you like. As you can see from the photo to the right I created a cushion from the pattern by @juliushandmade.

The possibilities of what you can make with these blocks are endless. The photo below is of the gnome on my laptop case!

We absolutely recommend giving this a go.

The foundation paper piecing process is most rewarding, as you find your self full of pride when all the tiny pieces of fabric can be seen coming together to create a true work of art! (Pattern by @juliushandmade)

FPP Patterns

We are fairly new to the Foundation paper piecing scene but have already found a few amazing pattern designers on Instagram!

Here are our top five to follow :






For your first attempt, should we have persuaded you to give a try, we recommend heading over to @unicornharts Instagram account where you will find a link to her pattern shop. In the pattern shop she offers a heart pattern as a free download...

But be warned you may become addicted just as we have!

(Pattern by @unicornharts)

FPP Top Tips!

1. Choose and match fabrics before you start.

You can colour in a template usually offered by the pattern makers to give you an impression of what it will look like.

I personally like to use a solid colour as the background to allow the design to really pop out!

2. Set your stitch length on your sewing machine to 1.5 or around about. This will help when tearing the paper away when you have completed it

3. Each time you sew on a new piece of fabric, press the seam. This will help keep each piece of fabric taught and will avoid the pattern looking loose.

4. Follow a Youtube tutorial! This is something that we will hopefully be offering in the future so keep your eyes peeled :)

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